Amplified & NASB Parallel Bible

Anger & Stress Management, God's Way by:Dr. Wayne Mack

The Anger Workbook
by Dr. Les Carter and Dr. Frank Minirth

At The Altar of Sexual Idolatry (Book&Workbook) by Steve Gallagher

The Biblical View of Self Esteem by Dr. Jay Adams

Counseling (Intro to Biblical Counseling) by Dr. John McArthur and Dr. Wayne Mack

"Falling In Love with Jesus......" - Book and Workbook by Dee Brestin and Kathy Troccoli

Homework Manual for Biblical Living: Personal & Interpersonal Problems Volume 1 by Dr. Wayne Mack

Homework Manual For Biblical Living: Family & Marital Problems
Volume 2
by Dr. Wayne Mack

Preparing for Marriage God's Way by Dr. Wayne Mack

Psychology And The Church by Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon

Strengthening Your Marriage by Dr. Wayne Mack

Toxic Psychiatry by Dr. Peter Breggin

Why Christians Can't Trust Psychology by Dr. Ed Bulkley


Southern Baptist Association of Biblical Counselors

International Association of Biblical Counselors