The ‘Anti-Netanyahu’ V-15 Campaign – V-15 stands for “Victory 2015”
by Cheryl Hancock-Watts

Pictured above left to right: Cheryl Hancock-Watts and Dr. Anthony Harper

Their campaign was partially funded by the non-profit organization of ‘One Voice’ whose main headquarters is in Washington DC. The Obama Administration is known to have donated funds to One Voice, which supported the anti-Netanyahu campaign of V-15.

Dr. Anthony Harper of IMC News and myself set out to get answers from the V-15 organization. Was it true that their objective was to topple Netanyahu’s government? We found out through our radio interview at their headquarters in Jerusalem that indeed they had a strategy. They managed to persuade many Left Wing and Arab voters to go to the polls and vote for anyone, anyone except Netanyahu who is from the Right Wing Likud Party. When Netanyahu heard of this, he made a statement and encouraged right wing voters to vote or they would be in danger of losing the campaign. The Western media heard his statement, and along with the Arabs Israelis accused Netanyahu of making a ‘racist statement’. He told the public that the Arabs were being bussed to the polling stations in droves. This was not a racist statement Netanyahu was stating a fact and telling the Right Wing to get out and vote because the Arabs will vote Left.

The V-15 organizers and volunteers went door to door and village to village telling everyone, including Arabs, to vote for “Anyone but Netanyahu”. Dr. Harper and I interviewed a spokesperson of V-15 who said their message to the people was to “Vote for any candidate who is from Center to Left Wing”. This clearly excluded Netanyahu’s party. They told the Arab community that they would have hope in achieving their goals once they voted. I learned about these promises from very excited Arab friends. So Arab leaders encouraged their people to go to the polls. Many Arabs do not have cars so it’s normal for leaders to organize busses to take the people to the polls, or to other places like the Temple Mount to pray, to demonstrations, etc. When Netanyahu made his statement, he was only stating the fact that because of the campaign against him, Arabs are being bussed to the polls in droves and all Right-Wing people need to get out and vote. One of the tweets from Hamas said “Liberation is close, support the Joint Arab Party – Vote!” Israeli Arabs make up 20% of the population of Israel. This does not include those living under the PA. To listen to the joint interview with the V-15 click on to the following link:

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