What about the counselor's qualifications?

All of the counselors have a minimum of a Masters degree in counseling and/or a related field.  Each has been trained in understanding and working with problems of human behavior on emotional/spiritual levels. The goal of each counselor is to use skills and training to help individuals or families understand themselves,learn to handle problem situations more effectively and bring about desired changes in their lives and environment. * We believe that the Holy Bible is the only perfect authority on understanding human behavior and that a person must have a personal relationship with JESUS to have hope and eternal life. JESUS alone is THE WONDERFUL COUNSELOR.

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Bio on Dr. Harper

Dr. Anthony Harper was called to serve out of his personal experience of being saved by Jesus from drug abuse and suicide.

Dr. Harper is an ordained minister with a Doctorate in Psychology from California Coast University. He completed  post graduate work in  counseling with Liberty University.  Dr. Harper's Master of Education degree in General Guidance & Counseling is from The College of Idaho and his undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies was completed at The University of The State of New York at Albany ( now called Excelsior College).  Dr. Harper is listed in the Second Edition (1999/2000) of Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare.

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What can a person expect when they first come for counseling?

We try to get an idea as to what the counselee sees as the problem -- why they are hurting. We help them set a goal -- what they want to accomplish by us working together.

How long does therapy take?

Our goal is not to have the client become dependent on the counselor for a long period of time, but to help them learn positive ways of responding to difficulties.

What about confidentiality?

Counselees can expect that discussions will be kept confidential, except as otherwise required by law.  Examples of times when confidentiality must be breached are where child abuse has occurred or where the counselee threatens violence against someone.

Is counseling expensive?

No.  We have a sliding fee scale ranging from $40 - $100 per hour. ( I offer court required Anger Management and Substance Abuse Counseling at $25 per hour. )

For more information, call our office in Boise, Idaho at (208) 703-8688 or E-mail to: drharper@afo.net

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